Author: Chris Shipley

The Devil’s Cocktail

A million years ago, because it seems like it has been eons since anything resembling innocence paraded on the public stage, I had the honor of interviewing the philosopher and ethicist Sissela Bok, PhD. She was fresh off writing Mayhem: Violence as Public Entertainment, in which she noted among other findings that continuous exposure to violent media inures us to violent media, specifically, and violence, in general. The televised gunfight that triggered an adrenaline rush the first time you saw it barely stirs your heartbeat after multiple viewings. If you think movies and television have gotten more graphic and...

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She Runs Like A Girl

Just about everyone except my dog has weighed in on Hillary Clinton’s campaign post-mortem What Happened. Not surprisingly, opinions are fierce. If you love Hillary, the book will make you angry. If you hate Hillary, the book will make you angry. It seems, though, that unlike my dog – who listened along with me during a long car trip – many with the loudest critiques didn’t bother to read it. You cannot read What Happened and not hear the gut-splitting sound of Hillary falling on her sword time and time again. She takes full responsibility for the loss and...

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