The Wisdom of Anger

Anger is a powerful emotion and tool. It is our truth-teller, a superpower we all possess.  It tells us that something isn’t right, and can be a powerful motivator to initiate change.

Take the In Her Shoes Challenge

Women and children have unique health and social needs putting them at elevated risk of infectious diseases, sexual violence, and malnutrition when they are displaced.

Graceless Makers: Arden Egerton

The amount of equipment that accompanies the diabetic life is pretty astounding and pretty much all of it gets thrown away. Not, however, by Arden. She makes art with it.

Mixtapes//curated by our editors

Mixtape of Delight

While there are all sorts of depressing updates about Weinstein, the Napa fire, North Korea, and Him, I refuse to acknowledge them today.

Layers//Art inspiring conversations

We recently collaborated with artist Kerry Joyce in Austin, TX on this piece, a model made of poultry wire and filled with handwritten #metoo accounts from Graceless readers.

While on display at EAST (East Austin Studio Tour), Layers asked for others to share their own experiences and make them part of the model.

We’ll be taking her to more venues and events in the coming months, so keep an eye out!

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