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11 Consulting Mistakes That Make You Hate Your Job

I have been running StrategicLee, a PR agency, for over 15 years now. And like any other career, being a consultant has its ups and downs. However, 2017 has been particularly tough and not in the usual way. I have amazing clients with great products and have been busy. But I am really burnt out. I have had several weekends where I have fallen into a recovery lethargy that won’t let me leave the couch. My partner has been worried about my stress level and frankly so have I. It has caused me to need a break – a...

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The Bravery Paradox

A little while ago I applied for what I thought would be the perfect job for me. It was a job in the game industry, and hence everything that I had always dreamed about. Plus, it was in Boston, where I lived, meaning that I could stop working from home in the remote position I’d been in for the past year and a half. I went through a fairly arduous interview process—all told probably something like 15 hours of projects and interviews—and was ultimately offered a job. In New York. Not Boston, as I’d expected. Apparently, during the last...

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Settling Into Uncertainty

How many times do you have to up and quit your job, and in how short of a time frame, until you begin to seem unstable? At twenty-four, I realized I have a low threshold for bullshit and resolved to stop tolerating it from my employers, colleagues, and friends. But there are a lot of assholes out there, and years later I am beginning to feel like maybe I am running away from something instead of bravely taking a stand. I can’t tell anymore. I just know that the days I spend in an open-plan office, using my phone...

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The Art of Defying Authority

I have a problem with authority.  I have always thought the problem was that I didn’t like it. But actually, the problem is that I have always assumed that authority comes from the outside.  And that assumption has made me feel like someone has a giant thumb on me, holding me down.  I have recently come to conclusion that, in fact, I am the one who has been holding myself down.  Fuck that. [pi_wiloke_quote quote=”Remember always that you have not only the right to be an individual; you have an obligation to be one. You cannot make any useful...

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