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Why I Swim

Water is my jam. Any body of water will do. Some of the most notable for me are the warm, deep lakes in the Ozark mountains late at night when the sky and the water are one, the politicized waters of the South China Sea, the wild untamed rivers in the Pacific Northwest of the US, crappy indoor hotel pools in the Midwest with Richard Marx playing, and bathtubs everywhere. I pack my swimsuit everywhere I go. I have one in my car for quick dips whenever I can sneak one in. Given the line of work that I...

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Fat Lady on a Little Board

There is nothing more douchey-sounding than a sport involving expensive, kind-of-but-not-quite surfboards that is abbreviated as “SUP.” I used to live in an apartment in North Austin that backed up to a flooded quarry where I could take a stand-up paddleboard out for free if I wanted to, and I never did. Why? Because it is called “SUP.” SUP! SUUUUUUUUP. The mating call of stoner frat boys everywhere. (Not that I actually know any.) Have you ever seen the window display at Hollister? It practically screams “SUUUUUUUP.” I couldn’t be associated with something that sounded that ridiculous. At least...

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