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Blatant vs. Insidious

At some point in every woman’s life (and almost assuredly more than once), you get that unsettling feeling about a man. He’s too clingy, attentive, aggressive, weird, or 500 other adjectives you employ to mean – he’s just plain creepy. Maybe he pays too much attention to your children or makes inappropriate comments on Facebook or maybe he just straight-up beats you. Whatever the behavior or the form it takes, it really boils down to one meaning: you’re something to possess and something to control. Whether it’s blatant or insidious, the message is that you are the lesser; you’re...

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That Moment We Realized We Were Trump

I know, I know—you don’t want to hear one more word about Donald Trump. But this post is only tangentially about him. It’s more about the angle of this recent piece by one of my favorite political reporters, Matt Taibbi, who believes Trump’s no-holds-barred rhetoric has morphed from an amusing sideshow into a dangerous trend that’s unlocking America’s stupidity. (Further unlocking, I should probably say.) “Trump’s political style encourages people to do more to express their anger than just vote. The key to his success is a titillating message that those musty old rules about being polite and ‘saying...

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