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The Bougie Baby

Nine months ago, I had a baby. I never thought I would have a baby, so when it actually happened I was pretty surprised. Not just surprised by the whole “oh wow, my vagina is ripped to pieces” but also the “oh, I own this thing now, and if something happens it’s my fault.” I’ve had a dog for a while, which I thought was pretty similar, but it turns out that it is not. This is especially true right now, as I listen to my baby sob over our heat-sensing baby monitor, and my dog lays calmly at...

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5 Things Your PR Person is Trying to Tell You

We have all been there.  You are telling your PR firm that you have exciting news and they are looking at you like you dropped something dead in the middle of the table.  On the flip side, the PR team knows what is trending in the news, what other clients are doing, and who is willing or not to write about you. It’s an uncomfortable situation and hopefully your relationship can grow to where you both acknowledge you are on the same team and are doing what’s best for the company. But for now, here is what all that...

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