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Sins of the Past

Back in December, Sir Michael Moritz from the famed Silicon Valley VC firm Sequoia Capital made some waves when he bemoaned the lack of women in technology. “Oh, we look very hard. In fact we just hired a young woman from Stanford who’s every bit as good as her peers, and if there are more like her, we’ll hire them. What we’re not prepared to do is lower our standards.” The piece caught my attention because I am a male CEO who runs a technology company with a history of “women issues.” This history must also be acknowledged as...

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In Defense of a Double Standard

There are approximately 1,000 different verbal, philosophical tussles occurring in society on any given day, fueled by online rhetoric and arguments that spill into the real world. One of the most interesting to me is the #BlackLivesMatter movement. While there are dozens of angles to explore, the one I want to highlight right now is my own internal struggle with it. And that struggle is – are white people allowed to participate? When I hear about a white woman leading a workshop aiming to educate on racism, it leaves a weird taste in my mouth. Although I have extremely...

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