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Honoring the Autonomy of Others

Parents with older children tell me that this is the path of parenthood—to steadily transfer more autonomy and responsibility to the child as their will and autonomy dictates.  But knowing what and when to hand over is not always clear.  

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When a Child Tries to Leave

That sweet baby who grew into a child with doe eyes filled with hero worship for you—one day she looks at you with a cool, squinty expression and rolls those same eyes like you may possibly be the stupidest person she’s ever encountered.

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The Bougie Baby

Nine months ago, I had a baby. I never thought I would have a baby, so when it actually happened I was pretty surprised. Not just surprised by the whole “oh wow, my vagina is ripped to pieces” but also the “oh, I own this thing now, and if something happens it’s my fault.” I’ve had a dog for a while, which I thought was pretty similar, but it turns out that it is not. This is especially true right now, as I listen to my baby sob over our heat-sensing baby monitor, and my dog lays calmly at...

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The Mother of All Days

I’ve never been a big holiday person. At my core, I am lazy as hell and a holiday requires effort. Don’t get me wrong; I am very willing to put effort into things that matter to me: parenting, writing, drinking whiskey, etc. But when it comes to a nationally enforced mandate to celebrate, the dissident in me comes out. A few years ago, I accidentally told my kids the Easter Bunny didn’t exist and subsequently ruined the holiday for several of their friends. I put up a Christmas tree every year and buy some presents but that’s it. Mother’s...

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