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State of Graceless

We’re almost three months into our Graceless adventure and the honeymoon’s over. What, you thought I was going to sugarcoat something? You’ve clearly not been reading the site. When we ask women to write for us, we demand from them raw, undiluted truth. So it’d be pretty crappy not to reciprocate. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, Allyson and I were in no way prepared for the reaction we got to Graceless. We thought we’d have some fun writing with our friends and call it a day. But it turns out that when you give women a...

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Please Explain the YouTube

My friend Carla Cook, editor-in-chief of this fine publication you’re reading, asked me to write an article this week.  My response was “I’m scared!”  Carla’s response? “ Don’t be scared. Be Graceless.” So here you go.  Carla’s request was to write about the entertainment industry from my point of view.  I’m not IN entertainment—I don’t write, I don’t act, I still flip out when I see my actor neighbors on TV (last night!), and I don’t market films or shows.  But my friends and colleagues do. I have a niche view of entertainment because I’m a product person. I am...

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