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Tell Me Something Graceless: Channelling Trump Hate & Falling In Love

Dear Ada, I can’t help but give incredibly dirty looks to anyone who “looks like” they voted for Trump. I am so bitter and angry with the state of the world, that I feel like I physically cannot contain my anger and resentment. I know that not all white men voted for Trump, and that I can’t just go around assuming that every white woman is a self-hating-anti-feminist-moron (I’m a white woman FYI), but my heart is so filled with rage that I feel like I’ll explode all day every day. Please help me to be more forgiving and...

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A Very Graceless Valentine

Ah, Valentine’s Day. If there’s a holiday more weighted with guilt and angst, we defy you to name it. Managing to combine the gift-giving stress of Christmas with the you-must-have-a-date pressure of New Year’s Eve and the crass commercialism of, well, everything America puts its hands on, Valentine’s Day is an occasion that begs to be mocked. We initially thought of posting just one piece from an outlier, talking about their unconventional take on the day. And then we realized that the Graceless community is nothing but outliers. So we put a question to all our writers: What’s your...

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Asexuality: A Primer

With the growing acronym of the LGBTQIA+ community, it’s hard to keep all the letters straight (haha). The Q stands for queer — no, questioning? The A stands for allies — not even close. The A stands for three things: aromantic, agender, and asexual. They’re similar in that they all describe an absence of something, whether that is attraction of some kind or gender. But let’s just focus on that last one for now — asexual. To put it simply, someone who is asexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction. Just like gay people are attracted...

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The Opposite of Jealousy

My entire life, I thought of myself as a deeply jealous person. I’ve attributed it to the fact that, as an only child, I never properly learned to share. And, as a self ­conceived jealous person, the concept of open relationships used to be utterly baffling to me. H​ow does that even work? W​hy would anyone want to do that to themselves? M​y only exposure to polyamory was listening to the S​avage Lovecast ​and during each story on open relationships I’d vigorously shake my head. N​ope, nope, not for me. I could never do that. ​Could never share my partner...

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