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The Baby Myth

The older I get, the more I’m convinced that the decisions we make in life, the ones that truly deeply change us, are by accident. We always think we have a plan. And sometimes those plans result in good things. But the turns that really upend your life, putting you in a place you never thought you’d be—those are ones we can never possibly plan for. So it was that I had children. I never professed a desire to be a mother, even in my younger years. It just didn’t seem a role that fit me. So when I...

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Sick Day

I spent most of my adult life childless, by design.  I was married young (25 yrs) and my husband and I spent our time working hard and playing harder.  I was a professional woman who had no desire to be saddled with kids. Seated in my Business Class seat on a work trip, I was the one who glared at the loud family corralling their unruly, snot-nosed kids into the bulkhead row.  In Business Class! How dare they? They were undoubtedly going to some God forsaken location like DisneyWorld or LegoLand or some such place I was thrilled to...

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The In-Laws

My in-laws moved in with my family fourteen years ago. Let me repeat that. Fourteen years ago. When we first met, I found them oddly charming in a Loretta Lynn/Conway Twitty kind of way. FIL stopped to talk with (at) every little kid he saw in the restaurant and they loved him. He was dressed in blue jeans and a shirt with faux mother-of-pearl snaps, silver hair combed back in a slick pompadour. He was tall and confident. MIL was well coifed, her perfectly white hair a large, round globe on top of her head, plastered with Aqua Net so that even a gale...

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