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The Devil’s Cocktail

A million years ago, because it seems like it has been eons since anything resembling innocence paraded on the public stage, I had the honor of interviewing the philosopher and ethicist Sissela Bok, PhD. She was fresh off writing Mayhem: Violence as Public Entertainment, in which she noted among other findings that continuous exposure to violent media inures us to violent media, specifically, and violence, in general. The televised gunfight that triggered an adrenaline rush the first time you saw it barely stirs your heartbeat after multiple viewings. If you think movies and television have gotten more graphic and...

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The Sex Shop Down the Street

In a strip mall down the street from me, a Condom Sense store is opening soon. I live in a thriving suburb of Dallas that is populated mostly by families. There is a large church and master-planned community behind this particular strip mall. You can likely see where this is headed. From the outrage people are expressing over this store opening, you would think they’d announced naked ladies pole-dancing on the median. Here’s the icing on the cake though: last year, a gun store opened up in the same strip mall. Nobody seemed to think this was worth commenting...

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