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Girl Without A Party

The room went from lighthearted, business banter to that record-scratch before the awkward silence. A client introduced the small conference room of staff and consultants to a newly hired senior advisor. Sharply dressed and sharp-tongued, after casual introductions, this new guy chose to break the ice with this gem: “So, did all of you vote for Trump?” Did I hear this guy correctly? He’s asking other consultants and staff if they voted for Donald Trump for President? I mean I was sitting at one of my more conservative client’s offices, but this was uncharted territory. It seemed both a...

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The GOP’s Teachable Moment

I’m admittedly a bit of a political news junkie. Raised by proud, engaged, straight-ticket Democrats, I would be thrilled with Hillary, or even Bernie, as our next President.  You’ll hear me audibly crying if a Republican were to win. Whether it is a city council election or a presidential one, I vote because I give a shit about what happens in my city and state, our country, and around the world. With that backdrop, the current events in DC and the campaign trail have me riveted.  Recently, on the evening when Congressman Kevin McCarthy announced he was withdrawing as...

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