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Tell Me Something Graceless: Make A Life Without Making A Life

Hi Ada, How does one decide whether or not to have kids? On the one hand, kids are hard. They change everything. On the other, what else do you do with your life? Sincerely, Existential Elly Dear Elly, Oof. I feel this question so hard. I have the same debate every. damn. day. My first instinct is to say that if you’re ambivalent about having children, you should probs not have children. The truth is, most people probs shouldn’t have children. Unless you’re Barack and Michelle, and your genes are just too damn perfect not to pass on, you’re...

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Dear Gloria

Dear Ms. Gloria Steinem, I watched your documentary Gloria: In Her Own Words last week with my 11-year-old daughter.  Like you I was born in Toledo, Ohio. My mother was a subscriber to Ms. Magazine and she raised me alone in the thick of the women’s movement. I was also a caretaker like you, for my mother’s depression and later alcoholism. I am writing a memoir after attending the Iowa Summer Writers program this year and have been thinking about the two books my mother owned when I was a child. I’m not sure she even read these books,...

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