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A Very Graceless Valentine

Ah, Valentine’s Day. If there’s a holiday more weighted with guilt and angst, we defy you to name it. Managing to combine the gift-giving stress of Christmas with the you-must-have-a-date pressure of New Year’s Eve and the crass commercialism of, well, everything America puts its hands on, Valentine’s Day is an occasion that begs to be mocked. We initially thought of posting just one piece from an outlier, talking about their unconventional take on the day. And then we realized that the Graceless community is nothing but outliers. So we put a question to all our writers: What’s your...

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When Harry Met Sally

I had a funny conversation with one of my girlfriends this weekend. She and I are about the same age and have been divorced the same amount of time. So we’re therefore in approximately the same dating spot. We’ve gone through a lot of relationship cycles since our marriages ended and are finally comfortable with what we want. She was telling me that a man she’d been out with a couple of times had suddenly reappeared after months of silence. He was texting her frequently, attempting to schedule dates that didn’t exactly seem like dates. “Let’s do yoga together!”...

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