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My Teacher

My first grade teacher died recently. I felt a depth of sadness when I heard about it that surprised me. I hadn’t seen her in years, and I’ve no idea, really, who she was as a person.  She was my teacher. I remember her face and her voice. I remember her hairstyle, which was a cross between beehive and scarf-wearing, teased and sprayed grandma. I remember that she barked at me on the first day of school, saying that I would spend my reading group time in the library because “you already know how to read, and I don’t have anything for you...

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Making History Relevant

I always loved school. Each August, my parents would take my brother and I to Staples, and I would parade around the aisles, selecting color-coded notebooks that I greedily planned to fill with knowledge in the months ahead. I fidgeted all through Labor Day weekend, anxious to get back to learning while the rest of the world relished the final days of summer. On the morning of the first day of school, I would wake before my alarm, too excited to sleep and too delighted to finally put on my cool new outfit. I was the kid who sat...

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Back To School

“Back to School” – the most dreaded words of my childhood…now here to haunt me again in adulthood. Making the decision to take the path of higher education at a much older age and with a demanding full-time job was exciting, overwhelming, and downright scary. After being in the workforce for half of my adult life, the prospect of books, grades, and tests made me question all of my life choices. I have a great job and do it very well without a college degree. So the prospect of going back to school and exercising a muscle (my brain)...

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