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No Country for “Good Guys”

The all-or-nothing worldview implied by the “good guy” label plays a number on the rest of us in society. It sends us the message that we can overlook allegations of sexual violence if the perceived sum total of the accused is deemed “good.”

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Short News: Sunday NYT

We read the New York Times every Sunday so you don’t have to. Here are some highlights: Beyond the Headlines Little stuff you might have missed about the big stuff Alabama Senate Race Though the bulk of the coverage is about Turd-in-Chief’s racist remarks, the reason he was even at that rally in Alabama is worth attention. If you have the stomach to muddle through the article, have at it. The short version is that ShitStain Trump is campaigning *against* the populist candidate (Roy Moore) – and the very forces that got him elected – to prove that he’s powerful enough...

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Girl Without A Party

The room went from lighthearted, business banter to that record-scratch before the awkward silence. A client introduced the small conference room of staff and consultants to a newly hired senior advisor. Sharply dressed and sharp-tongued, after casual introductions, this new guy chose to break the ice with this gem: “So, did all of you vote for Trump?” Did I hear this guy correctly? He’s asking other consultants and staff if they voted for Donald Trump for President? I mean I was sitting at one of my more conservative client’s offices, but this was uncharted territory. It seemed both a...

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