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Wheatgrass and American Cheese

Mattel, the maker of Barbie, recently announced a new line of body types for its dolls. Adding curvy, petite, and tall versions of the hollow-eyed minx, the decision by the 71-year-old toy company was a sure sign that the tide is turning (oh so goddamn SLOWLY) away from the idea of a perfect female form. So. Since we’ve got that problem all sewn up, let’s take a look at what else the universe has in its bag o’ tricks for the ladyfolk. [Shuffles hand around in duffel bag] Reproductive rights? Nah, those are pretty much gone anyway. Equal pay?...

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I Am Not Your Yoda

Recently as I came off the greenbelt from my early morning hike, I found myself at Austin’s central park during the Stay at Home Mom rush. It was a total madhouse. Parking lots overflowing with SUVs and minivans. Babies and toddlers crawling all over things, fumbling snacks, slinging goo, crying. Mommies, and probably some nannies and grandmas, extending nine arms toward their charges while desperately trying to nod at the appropriate intervals in each other’s conversations. There were no men. Power to stay-at-home dads and mannies, but this particular morning was Estrogenfest. And total chaos. Except for one group...

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