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The Myth About Gender

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first child, we agreed that we wouldn’t find out the baby’s sex.  There are few true mysteries in life, we mused, and we wanted to experience what seemed like the uncovering of a great secret.  I felt certain I was having a girl up until the moment Michael announced, “It’s a boy!”  I did not feel surprise or disappointment—dare I admit I felt somewhat relieved.  We named him Xavier and put our ‘girl name’—Zora—in our back pocket, imagining we’d use it for #2. And when we were...

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Birth & Mortality

700 to 800 US women die each year during pregnancy or shortly after giving birth. I was almost one of them. I lost about 4 liters of blood on the operating table. (Estimates are an adult body has 4.5-6 liters, depending on weight.) My twin sister said that when the doctor came out to announce I had a healthy daughter, she was literally dripping in blood. It looked like a murder scene. It was not supposed to be my daughter’s birthday. It was July, and she wasn’t due until late August. I am a single parent, intentionally, so can...

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