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Tell Me Something Graceless: Make A Life Without Making A Life

Hi Ada, How does one decide whether or not to have kids? On the one hand, kids are hard. They change everything. On the other, what else do you do with your life? Sincerely, Existential Elly Dear Elly, Oof. I feel this question so hard. I have the same debate every. damn. day. My first instinct is to say that if you’re ambivalent about having children, you should probs not have children. The truth is, most people probs shouldn’t have children. Unless you’re Barack and Michelle, and your genes are just too damn perfect not to pass on, you’re...

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Tell Me Something Graceless: Channelling Trump Hate & Falling In Love

Dear Ada, I can’t help but give incredibly dirty looks to anyone who “looks like” they voted for Trump. I am so bitter and angry with the state of the world, that I feel like I physically cannot contain my anger and resentment. I know that not all white men voted for Trump, and that I can’t just go around assuming that every white woman is a self-hating-anti-feminist-moron (I’m a white woman FYI), but my heart is so filled with rage that I feel like I’ll explode all day every day. Please help me to be more forgiving and...

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New Column: Tell Me Something Graceless

Hello my loves, and welcome to Tell Me Something Graceless. I’m Ada (after Ada Lovelace, the OG computer programmer/coding badass/feminist icon of the 1840s)…and I’m here to tell you what to do. You can think of me as Dear Abby, but with a foul mouth, full bed, and decidedly feminist approach to life’s toughest questions. I’m here to dole out advice, not because I’m living a perfect life myself, but because I possess the alchemical formula of two parts arrogance/one part platform that allows me to do something as cavalier as write an advice column on the internet. Now...

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