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This Flaming Rant Will Have No Effect!

A couple of days ago, the enormously popular entity that is Humans of New York (aka Brandon Stanton) wrote an impassioned screed against the amorphous blob that is Donald Trump. Certified as ‘viral’ by the… well, whomever gets to determine that sort of thing, the post was well-written and heartfelt and repeated a good bit of what we’ve heard from countless others about Trump. Racist, violent, power-hungry—the only thing missing was a Hitler reference. It was shared repeatedly, praised, and lauded. Of course I agreed with every word of it, because I’m a sentient human being able to see...

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Voting with My Vagina

2016 is barely in it’s toddlerhood, and I already hate the election. I live in the most conservative county in the nation, and I am not very conservative.  Or at all conservative really.  My dad, on the other hand, holds the opposite views from me. During the last Presidential election, my dad and I unfortunately got into a conversation about who I was voting for.  I said I would absolutely not vote for a candidate that was not pro-choice. He believes that women should never have abortions, even if they become pregnant from rape or incest. He said to...

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