Author: Kelly Siegel-Stechler

Doing Good Enough

Real change takes time. It doesn’t happen because you crafted the perfect sentiment in your Facebook status, or because you donated the appropriate amount of money to an organization that used it in exactly the right way to have exactly the right impact.

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The Bad Wife

I was married in September. It didn’t give me a lot of time to adjust to my new role as a wife before the holidays rolled around and by the time Thanksgiving hit, I was mostly panicked. Let me be clear – I am not talking about my role within my marriage, which really didn’t change at all when I slipped a ring on my finger and made promises out loud that we’d made in private for years. I am talking about what it means to everyone else in the world who sees that you are a Wife, and...

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Making History Relevant

I always loved school. Each August, my parents would take my brother and I to Staples, and I would parade around the aisles, selecting color-coded notebooks that I greedily planned to fill with knowledge in the months ahead. I fidgeted all through Labor Day weekend, anxious to get back to learning while the rest of the world relished the final days of summer. On the morning of the first day of school, I would wake before my alarm, too excited to sleep and too delighted to finally put on my cool new outfit. I was the kid who sat...

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Settling Into Uncertainty

How many times do you have to up and quit your job, and in how short of a time frame, until you begin to seem unstable? At twenty-four, I realized I have a low threshold for bullshit and resolved to stop tolerating it from my employers, colleagues, and friends. But there are a lot of assholes out there, and years later I am beginning to feel like maybe I am running away from something instead of bravely taking a stand. I can’t tell anymore. I just know that the days I spend in an open-plan office, using my phone...

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