Author: Jordan Smith

The Art of Being Alone Part 2: Welcome to Singledom

If you read my last article for Graceless, you know all about how psyched I was to move in on my own last fall. To recap, I’d been in a relationship for three and a half years, and rather than taking the normal-person next step of moving in together, I decided that I was way too young for cohabitation and wanted to live alone first. Six months later, I’m still absolutely thrilled with that decision. Except…surprise, surprise, now I’m not just living alone—I’m single. I’ve waffled about whether to write this follow-up for some time. I’m not usually the...

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The Art Of Being Alone

My boyfriend and I joke that we’re not going to move in together until we can do it like French royals. (This probably doesn’t mean what you think it means.) We both tilt toward introversion. He has lots of guitars. I have lots of books. We want lots and lots of space. You know, doors that can be shut without shutting each other out. Breathing room. By living like French royals, I mean having big old palaces with big old rooms—specifically, the king and queen’s separate quarters. No, we’re not holding out for Versailles. But if finances and timing...

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