Author: Jennifer Waisath Harris

The Unwelcome Mat

Texas is wide open for business, former Texas Governor Rick Perry used to say. It was the unofficial state motto. Texas racked up awards from Forbes to Site Selection magazine and CNBC, fawning over the Lone Star State and our “Texas Miracle” of economic prowess. Well into the aughts, state leaders plugged along with low taxes, a predictable regulatory environment, and plenty of incentives at the local and state level to attract corporate relocations and expansions at a frenzied pace. But a funny thing happened along the way—Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and an increasing percentage of...

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Girl Without A Party

The room went from lighthearted, business banter to that record-scratch before the awkward silence. A client introduced the small conference room of staff and consultants to a newly hired senior advisor. Sharply dressed and sharp-tongued, after casual introductions, this new guy chose to break the ice with this gem: “So, did all of you vote for Trump?” Did I hear this guy correctly? He’s asking other consultants and staff if they voted for Donald Trump for President? I mean I was sitting at one of my more conservative client’s offices, but this was uncharted territory. It seemed both a...

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Stuck In The Middle

I’ve been called a RINO (Republican in Name Only), a Liberal, a Conservative, a Libertarian and a Moderate, along with a few less choice iterations of those monikers. It’s not indicative of some sort of political evolution I’ve undergone. Nope. I’ve been labeled some or all of those political ideologies and buzz phrases sometimes in the same month. Hell, now that the next presidential election is heating up, I’ve probably been tagged two or three different ways in the same week. So, I’m clearly difficult to peg. Or, maybe I’m maddeningly conflicted and contradictory. It’s more like I’m stuck...

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