Author: Jeanie Armstrong

When a Child Tries to Leave

That sweet baby who grew into a child with doe eyes filled with hero worship for you—one day she looks at you with a cool, squinty expression and rolls those same eyes like you may possibly be the stupidest person she’s ever encountered.

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The Pain of Religion

‘I grew up in a strict Southern Baptist home.’ This is the canned answer I give for my complete ignorance of anything secular before the year 2000. My world was incredibly small, consisting exclusively of Christian music, television and books. Guilt was an enormous part of what kept me locked into Christianity. I’d say it was a healthy 60%, the other 40% being a tangled mess of fear and obligation. God was watching not only my every action, but could see into the deepest recesses of my mind, could see the thoughts that I’d never imagine sharing with other...

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