Author: Erica Lee

11 Consulting Mistakes That Make You Hate Your Job

I have been running StrategicLee, a PR agency, for over 15 years now. And like any other career, being a consultant has its ups and downs. However, 2017 has been particularly tough and not in the usual way. I have amazing clients with great products and have been busy. But I am really burnt out. I have had several weekends where I have fallen into a recovery lethargy that won’t let me leave the couch. My partner has been worried about my stress level and frankly so have I. It has caused me to need a break – a...

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I Am Not Fucking OK

Hi. My name is Erica and I am not fucking okay. Yes I am a strong black woman. • I have two college degrees. • I come from a well-to-do family. • I have run my own business for 15 years. • I can leg press more than you. • I hold up my man and my household. • I am (I hope) my friends’ most fierce support. • I love the Lord and myself more than anyone else. • My clients and contractors rely on me every day to get shit done. But I am not ok. You...

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Smelling Your Own Personal Brand

It has been a long time since I have gone camping. Ten years to be exact. So when I went with my boyfriend for 4 days at the age of 44, I was surprised at what I learned about myself. Let me start here first.  I am a UCSC banana slug, former loc’d-now-natural-curled, black woman in San Francisco who puts coconut oil in her coffee and on her skin, only eats organic, and has both the Calm app and a pilates instructor. However, before I turned into this acupuncture and bee-sting (yup bees) hippie, I was born in Brooklyn,...

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5 Things Your PR Person is Trying to Tell You

We have all been there.  You are telling your PR firm that you have exciting news and they are looking at you like you dropped something dead in the middle of the table.  On the flip side, the PR team knows what is trending in the news, what other clients are doing, and who is willing or not to write about you. It’s an uncomfortable situation and hopefully your relationship can grow to where you both acknowledge you are on the same team and are doing what’s best for the company. But for now, here is what all that...

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