Author: Carla Cook

Graceless Reads: Drinking on Icebergs

Been an interesting few days, huh? Perhaps you’d all like to join me at one of these 10 Bars at the End of the World. [column size=one_half position=first ] The Rights of ‘Thugs’ A reminder I didn’t realize we needed, until I read this. “People with drugs found in their cars have rights. People who say “Fuck the police” have rights. Thugs, people with mugshots, and ex-felons have rights.” Evolution Continues Apace Time Waster Have you seen Radioooo? It’s a site crowdsourcing music from around the world for every decade from 1900 on. There’s an impressive level of songs, from...

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Graceless Reads: You’ve Got Mail!

It’s our first Graceless Reads! Which means that how this looks in 3 months will probably be entirely different. Hell, it’ll likely be different tomorrow. All that matters is the clicky bits. Here’s what I’ve been checking out. [column size=one_half position=first ] Queen Julia Did you laugh-cry during Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Emmy speech? I totally did. And no, Twitterverse, her father is not Richard Dreyfus. He was however, rich as snot. Who knew? Also, FiveThirtyEight graphed out something we could have told you years ago.  Trending on Facebook (and should be) Hillary Clinton braves ‘Between Two Ferns’   I’ll Be...

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Phase Two

Hey everybody! Long time, no talk. Graceless had to lie fallow for a bit while we concentrated on work that pays the bills and refreshed our thinking on the next phase of the site. Don’t worry – we’re too lazy to change much. But we are implementing a few new ideas to re-energize writers and get people excited about checking in on Graceless. First, we’ll be adding a tip jar to each writer’s post (totally stealing this idea from dearly departed The Toast). If you’re particularly admiring of a piece of writing, you’ll be able to click a little...

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The Mother of All Days

I’ve never been a big holiday person. At my core, I am lazy as hell and a holiday requires effort. Don’t get me wrong; I am very willing to put effort into things that matter to me: parenting, writing, drinking whiskey, etc. But when it comes to a nationally enforced mandate to celebrate, the dissident in me comes out. A few years ago, I accidentally told my kids the Easter Bunny didn’t exist and subsequently ruined the holiday for several of their friends. I put up a Christmas tree every year and buy some presents but that’s it. Mother’s...

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This Flaming Rant Will Have No Effect!

A couple of days ago, the enormously popular entity that is Humans of New York (aka Brandon Stanton) wrote an impassioned screed against the amorphous blob that is Donald Trump. Certified as ‘viral’ by the… well, whomever gets to determine that sort of thing, the post was well-written and heartfelt and repeated a good bit of what we’ve heard from countless others about Trump. Racist, violent, power-hungry—the only thing missing was a Hitler reference. It was shared repeatedly, praised, and lauded. Of course I agreed with every word of it, because I’m a sentient human being able to see...

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