Who We Are

Graceless is the world’s first anti-aspirational brand for women, hell-bent on changing how we’re talked to and about. It’s content, commentary, and connections for those of us tired of the Supposed To and Should Have, and ready to Just Be.

Media targeted to women aims for perfection, regardless of its focus. Whether you’re expected to maintain your goal weight, fight the patriarchy, pursue your dream career, achieve the perfect orgasm, or hate celebrities—you better do it well. Content tends to go one of two ways: giving you a reprieve from your own life or measuring your life against others. Graceless throws out the measuring stick, providing a voice missing for too long: you don’t have to aspire to be anything but yourself. Welcome home.

To be Graceless means:

  • To accept yourself for your strengths and flaws alike
  • To embrace the messiness of being human
  • To be absolutely yourself in this current moment, whatever the emotion that accompanies it 
  • To refuse to be spoken down to and refuse to be made to feel less
  • To stay informed
  • To fight for what matters
  • To not give a shit about what anyone else thinks you need to be